Why Is It Better To Buy A Shade Shed?

Shade Sheds are the perfect choice for keeping your valuable assets protected, especially throughout Australia's storm season

There are many uses for a Shade Shed, and this is why every Australian wants to have one on their property. 

When it comes to deciding on a shed, you have to decide between a Shade Shed kit or building one from scratch. 

There are many advantages of buying a Shade Shed kit. With a Shade Shed kit, you don’t only save time and money, but you also have the opportunity to customise your Shade Shed to suit your specific needs. 

Here are the benefits of a Shade Shed from TSS: 

1. Saves Time

Building a shed from scratch takes a lot of time, effort, and money. Whereas a Shade Shed from TSS is delivered as a pre-engineered kit. We swage the frames, making it super simple and quick to install. Upon delivery, you will also receive an instruction manual and links to video tutorials on how to erect your new Shade Shed. 

2. Customisable

TSS’s range of Shade Sheds is completely customisable. So if you want your new Shade Shed a particular size, you absolutely can!  

3. Delivery To Your Door 

Purchasing a Shade Shed, you will not have to worry about transportation. We manufacture our Shade Sheds in our Sunshine Coast workshop and deliver Australia-wide!  

There are many advantages of purchasing a Shade Shed! If you are still considering what to do, do not hesitate to contact our team today for more information. 

Transportable Shade Sheds Providing you with the peace of mind that your family and precious assets are protected all year round.