Why Choose Colorbond

Australian landscape - Why Colorbond Steel

At Transportable Shade Sheds, we know how important it is to choose the right materials for any project. That’s why when you want a particular colour for your Shade Shed, we only use COLORBOND® steel as the ultimate choice to complement your Shade Shed.

COLORBOND® steel isn’t just a building material; it’s an enduring investment on your family’s property. With 22 striking colours in the core range, there are endless opportunities for COLORBOND® steel to complement and enhance your Shade Shed’s design.


What is Colorbond steel?

Colorbond steel, made by BlueScope, is a type of high-quality Australian steel that has been specifically designed and tested for Australia. This steel comprises of 5 layers of protection which includes a durable and attractive layer of colour.



Why choose Colorbond steel?


Tested and refined for over 50 years in some of Australia’s most challenging environments. Inspired by the natural colours and forms of its most unique landscapes. Lived in and relied on by generations of Australians, past and future.

There are many reasons why Colorbond steel is the best option for your new Shade Shed. Here are just a few:


Colorbond steel is incredibly durable, with a tough, corrosion-resistant coating that can withstand even the harshest of weather conditions. It is also highly resistant to chipping, cracking, and peeling, ensuring that your project will look great for years to come.


Colorbond steel comes in a wide range of attractive colours, so you can choose the perfect look for your Shade Shed. Whether you want a classic and understated style or a bold and modern look, Colorbond steel has you covered.


Colorbond steel is highly versatile and can be used in a variety of applications, including roofing, walling, fencing, and more. It is also easy to install, making it a great choice for DIY projects. That’s a big reason why we use it on our Shade Sheds!


Colorbond steel is an eco-friendly choice, with all Colorbond steel containing recycled content and the steel itself is 100% recyclable. If you purchase one of our Portable Buildings, you will realise, Colorbond steel is also energy-efficient, helping to reduce your building’s energy costs over time.


5 layers of protection

Manufactured in Australia and tested over the last 50 years in some of the harshest Australian conditions, genuine COLORBOND® steel is far more than just ‘paint on steel’.

High-Quality Manufacturing and Coating

At the core of every COLORBOND® steel product is a high-quality steel base manufactured to meet strict Australian Standards. This ensures that the steel is of the required grade and strength for your specific application. To enhance corrosion resistance, the steel base is coated with BlueScope’s industry-leading metallic coating, which incorporates Activate® technology. This is followed by thin pre-treatment layer which also optimises the adhesion of further coatings.

Corrosion-Inhibiting Primer and Topcoat

Once the metallic coating is applied, a corrosion inhibitive primer is baked onto the surface. This primer further enhances the steel’s durability and resistance to rust and corrosion. 

The final layer is a specially developed, exterior grade paint with Thermatech® solar reflectance technology. This topcoat is baked onto the surface, providing resistance to chipping, flaking, and blistering. It also ensures that the finish retains its look for longer, even under the harshest Australian conditions

Why Choose Colorbond | Transportable Shade Sheds

Please note: This diagram is for illustrative purpose only. Transportable Shade Sheds do not use this steel profile, rather we use TRIMDEK® profile.


Conforms to standards and codes

Unlike cheap and nasty replicas, COLORBOND® steel is manufactured to meet the material requirements of relevant Australian Standards (including AS 1397:2011 and AS/NZS 2728:2013) and the ‘deemed-to-satisfy’ provisions of the NCC (National Construction Code).


How to use Colorbond steel with your new Shade Shed

Using Colorbond steel for your new Shade Shed is easy. Simply give us a call, select the desired measurements of your Shade Shed and colour to suit your needs, and then once both delivery packs arrive, follow our instructions for installation. Whether you’re assembling a new Shade Shed, extending an existing one, or modifying it to suit your needs, Colorbond steel is the perfect choice.

At Transportable Shade Sheds, we believe that Colorbond steel is the ultimate choice for your new Shade Shed. With its durability, aesthetics, versatility, and sustainability, it offers everything you need to create a strong and long-lasting roof for your Shade Shed. Its high-quality manufacturing and coating process means COLORBOND® steel is designed to last under even the toughest Australian conditions. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations! Choose the Original and Genuine Shade Sheds who use 100% Australian Colorbond steel and enjoy the benefits for years to come.

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