Industrial Shade Sheds

Our Industrial Shed range is a versatile option for mining, industrial, agricultural, heavy machinery storage and general protection.

Perfect for industrial storage or machinery storage to protect large equipment such as light aircrafts, trucks, industrial vehicles, tractors and other farm machinery, for all regions across Australia.    

Our Industrial Sheds feature a large (9000mm wide) and Extra Large (12000mm wide) structure. The Industrial Shed range follows the same unique patented designs as our Urban Shade Shed range but increases its strength through using 150mm x 50mm Australian structural steel and additional bracing.  

Our Industrial Sheds can be designed and certified to suit any wind rated region within Australia. Our C1, C2 and C3 rated structures come with certified engineering drawings, assembly instructions and a video guide on how to assemble your Shade Shed.  

You do not need a concrete slab! Another reason as to why our Shade Sheds have become increasingly popular over the years is because you do not need a concrete slab to erect one of our Sheds. Due to our unique ground anchors and our shed running along a base rail, the structure can be installed simply onto bare earth and can be easily transported. We do also offer concrete pierssaddles and dynabolt anchoring options for anyone looking for a more permanent structure.