Keep Your Outside Pets Safe This Winter

Do you have livestock outside who help you make a living, or outdoor pets that protect your property? They all must be cared for this winter.

Provide Shelter

Protecting your outside pets from low temperatures in winter is easy if you provide them with adequate shelter. Transportable Shade Sheds (TSS) deliver Australian wide and offers a wide range of Shade Stables and Animal Shelters designed to just do that!

Oz Shade Stable

The Oz Shade Stable is our most popular option when it comes to protecting animals. It can comfortably fit 1-2 horses, so they are out of the elements. It is easily relocatable and simple to erect with our Slip-Fit connection system (so no cutting or welding required!). The frame is durable as it’s made from Australian galvanised steel 32m x 2.0mm outer frame and 32mm x 1.6mm purlins). It is also available with or without side panels!

Animal Shelter

Our Animal Shelter is designed as a combination of a storage shed and a loafing shed, making it perfect for housing livestock. With ColourBond sheeting and our 2 patented designs of swaging and bending the steel, this shelter is built to resist all types of weather conditions!

Transportable Shade Sheds, providing peace of mind ensures your outside pets are cared for this winter. From Shade Sheds to Storage Sheds, TSS can provide you with the perfect option for protecting your outside animals.

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