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Massive Discount on all Retractable Awnings

Perfectly adds a stylish shade to your outdoor area by easily bolting it onto just about any surface.

Shade Tree

The ideal choice when you need a shade in a hurry, be it for any outdoor area or for protecting your animals.

Shade Stable

Provides adequate shelter and comfort for your livestock and other domestic animals.

Industrial Shed

The Industrial Shed is perfect for three vehicles, plenty of room also for the farm or any industrial applications.

Quick Shade

Built in a stylish frame and comes with a waterproof commercial grade shade cloth.

Single Shed

Our most popular product for single vehicles or as a cover for any outdoor area.

Double Shed

Our most popular product for two vehicles or for any application.


Excellent for entertaining family and friends or just as a quick cover.

Dangerous Goods Storage Sheds

Standards Australia compliant storage units, perfect for storing chemicals, oils, and other dangerous goods.


We are the original and only Registered Business Brand Name, Transportable Shade Sheds. We designed Australia’s first and only branded name Transportable Shade Sheds in 2000 and started Transportable Shade Sheds in 2001. We obtained two innovation patents for the bend and swaging technology which has won the company numerous Australian awards which can be seen on our website. Customers beware that other products on the market have unsuccessfully tried to copy our bends to appear similar. These knock off products have been made using angle cuts and welds with potential join rust developing and weakened construction because they don’t have the technology to form a seamless bend with increased strength due to the angle. THE ORIGINAL NO RUST BEND SHADE SHED.

Transportable Shade Sheds
Transportable Shade Sheds

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